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A Professional Licensing System Built to Your Standards

Keep your Process, Streamline Your Workflow

Leverage the benefits of a true-to-process online licensing system.

Professional licensing requirements and processes are often complex and ever-changing. Due to this intricacy, finding the right tools to accommodate all aspects of the licensing process is daunting, expensive and rarely fits within a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we created Cicero Licensing — a system custom-built with your requirements, budget and audiences in mind.

Not only is our system intuitive, our team also has expertise in professional licensing due to our our long-time history managing application processing, renewals, supervisory needs and complaint management. 

Control your entire workflow within a single environment, supported by ongoing training and support from the experts who built it. That’s Cicero Licensing.


Cicero Licensing was developed by our team of experts to streamline the entire web-based application and renewal processes for their licensees and the dedicated teams that manage them. Our team can deliver your system as a stand-alone licensing portal or embedded within a custom-designed board website—both entirely styled to your board’s brand aesthetic.

Customizable features
to meet your precise regulatory needs.

With over a decade of experience in professional licensing, we’ve learned that an off-the-shelf solutions don’t work for professional licensing boards. Cicero Licensing’s team supports a full suite of features available in an a la carte setting, allowing you to pick and choose only the key features that serve your needs. In addition—unlike any out-of-the-box solution—we offer the ability to build custom features, specially tailored to your organization’s individual needs. Because perfect solutions are never cookie-cutter.

  • Applications & Renewals

    Make applications handling easy with a filterable queue, checklist, easy document access, and the ability to assign them for board review.

  • Mailing Lists

    Enable third-parties to purchase autogenerated mailing lists from you without the need of staff involvement.

  • Supervision

    Maintain a complete record of supervision from start to finish. Review supervision agreements, separations and a log of supervised hours meeting your board's needs.

Cicero Professional Licensing System Backend
  • Online Payments

    Collect payments upon form completion through your favorite payment handler, whether that's PayPal, Stripe or

  • Auditing

    One click to generate a randomized audit and send a mass notification email. Require CEU certificates prior to renewal for further streamlining.

  • Licensee Technical Support

    Not everyone is tech savvy. Let our team of experts give your licensees a hand when they hit a snag.

Expert Attention To Each Of Your Audiences

Cicero Licensing systems are built with the core intent to make licensing easier for ALL users. By optimizing the licensing process and ensuring accuracy, we’re able to help licensing boards review complaints and applications via permissions-based access, aid course sponsors in submitting their courses for board approval, and ensure the public receives clear and accurate information.


Licensees are able to exercise control over their information year-round. Keep CEUs up-to-date, log supervision hours and opt out of data sharing with just a few clicks. Renew a license or apply for a new license all from one system!


Make applying for licensure easy with a comprehensive online application, complete with a progress checklist to keep track of application status within the review process.

Board Staff

Streamline your team's workload with a fully-integrated licensing system. Receive automated alerts when submissions are updated. Easily generate your annual audit list and notify users with one easy step. Make renewal season a breeze by flagging submissions that raise concerns.

Board Members

Review applications and complaints from the same interface. Hold subcommittee dialogs. Gain online access to meeting documents for any upcoming (or historic) meetings as soon as they're ready.  

Course Sponsors

Use our streamlined course sponsor dashboard to submit courses to the board for approval and easily renew them on an annual basis.

General Public

Public-facing pages allow access to a searchable directory of licensees, filterable by city, license type and disciplinary action. Site visitors are able to submit complaints and FOIA requests. Public records requests and verification of licensure requests are also available.

Personalized Service
at its best

We’ve been very happy with Cicero Licensing. This system has thoroughly improved our administrative work, and also made the process smoother for our licensees. We appreciate the fact that we have the same team working on our site every time we request new projects. They know our system, and they know our staff very well. We continue to contract with the Cicero team for all of our web hosting and consulting needs, and have no plans to change.
Charlotte F. Martin, MPA
Louisiana Physical Therapy Board

No Boundaries Here

Our mission is to streamline your workflow and make licensing and supervision easy for licensees. Ensure your board is fully equipped for their next meeting and ongoing responsibilities. Beyond those basics, Cicero is compatible with third-party integrations such as interstate compacts—including the PT Compact—as well as API integrations with external systems. If your organization needs real-time database updates across multiple platforms, let’s talk. We also have solutions for complex industrial licensing, product-level registration, business licensing and more. The sky is the limit with Cicero Licensing.

Ease of Use

True to Process

Built to Order

Active Collaboration

Long-Term Growth

Embracing Innovation

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Level AA ADA Compliance

Our team will ensure your licensing system meets the WCAG's Level AA standards at the time of launch.



Hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), your licensing system will reside within the most secure global cloud infrastructure available.


Mobile Friendly

All websites built on the Cicero platform are optimized for all device types. Our frontend developers ensure your site is fast and beautiful whether you're on an iPhone or a 4K monitor.


Technical Support

Cicero Licensing comes with unlimited phone and email technical support for the licensing system and its related applications to assist with normal, day-to-day operations.

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