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Covalent Logic

Cicero Licensing is developed and maintained by Covalent Logic, a full-suite creative agency headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Covalent Logic provides services ranging from public relations, industrial safety communications, graphic design and web-based software development. Covalent Logic boasts 10 years of developing custom licensing systems for boards throughout our state, covering physical therapists, psychologists, dietitians and more.

Covalent Logic fosters a company culture of innovation and attention to detail, which enables us to provide the custom, white-glove service necessary for professional licensing boards. 

Learn more about the team that makes Cicero Licensing possible. 

Active Licensees


Hours Saved

Our custom licensing solutions will streamline your application and renewal process and eliminate the stress of new legislative changes.  

What makes Cicero Licensing different?

Cicero Licensing Offers
Unmatched Customization

Developing professional licensing systems that are true to your process requires flexibility that can’t be matched with an off-the-shelf licensing product. An in-depth exploratory phase allows our team to learn how your organization operates and exactly which features are important to you. Cicero Licensing is built to your specifications, no matter how unorthodox they are.

Have pain points that your team struggles with? We’re here to help. Ensuring your team is able to respond to legislative curveballs is a core tenet of Cicero Licensing.

How do we remain accessible?

Custom Licensing Features are
Scalable To Your Budget

Migrating to a web-based professional licensing system is a monumental undertaking. We understand most boards (especially self-funded boards) don’t always have the budget to invest in software improvements. This insight encourages us to make every effort to ensure Cicero Licensing is as accessible to you. 

The Cicero Licensing system can be scaled to support the entire board’s infrastructure or limited to application and renewal processing. This scalability allows us to meet you where you currently are and work alongside you to plan for future growth and enhancements.

How do we earn loyalty?

Long-Term Collaboration
Guaranteeing Growth and Stability

Our team maintains a line of active collaboration with our professional licensing boards. This ongoing partnership allows us unique insight into critical process inefficiencies, allowing for strategic problem solving and targeted solutions.

Need to cut down on overhead by creating a fully-integrated online JP Exam? We’ll include it in your application process. Board members need an easier way to report expenses? We’ll activate a custom reporting feature that helps track how funds are spent. How about a tool to manually override a licensee’s continuing education (CE) requirements? Our team has done it all.

Why Cicero?


We’re experienced.

Need an expert solution? Have a question? Over 20 years of experience ensures that our team has seen at all. No problem is too complex, no solution is out of reach.


We’re responsive.

Not only is your website built to be mobile-responsive by design, your dedicated account manager is guaranteed to respond to you within hours, not days. How’s that for responsiveness?


We’re custom.

With many years under our belt creating sites with public interest in mind, we’ve developed the right tools for these unique needs. Take it a step further with custom design and long-term collaboration with our clients.