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Cicero Licensing Features

Our comprehensive library of essential tools streamline your daily tasks. Keep your entire team on the same page and communicate with licensees quickly and effectively — all from within a single content management system.


Licensee Management
Cicero Licensing is built on a relational SQL database made simple for easy manual updates. 

Process applications with ease, with a filterable application queue, custom checklists and document folders. Automate checklist requirements based on license type and various flags. If data in the application is incorrect or incomplete, send it back for updates! 

Track, review and approve pending supervision applications and documentation of experience. 

Automate your renewals process with scheduled opening/closing periods, requiring CE fulfillments and automating approvals when everything is in order.

Continuing Education
For boards that are tired of CE Broker, Cicero Licensing can support course sponsor access to send courses straight to you for review and approval.

Complaints & Discipline
Easily process complaints and assign them to your board’s investigation committee

Email Blasts
Send mass emails to your licensees by license type or license status directly from Cicero Licensing.

Easily mark a random sample of licensees for audit in the system and generate a spreadsheet all at once! Make this even easier by requiring CE certificates as a prerequisite for renewals. 

Admin Permissions
Limit individual staff access by specifying their permissions by module and license type. 

Licensees & Applicants

Apply for a License
Whether you’re a new user or existing licensee, apply for a new license with ease. Gain access to a supporting documentation checklist while pending approval

Continuing Education
Licensees can update their CE units throughout the year and track their progress toward fulfilling their renewal requirements and upload their certificates. 

List Employment
Update your employment information in our professional licensing system as that update happens. Don’t wait for renewals. 

Mailing List Preferences
Have direct control of what contact information you want shared in your board’s mailing list. 

Fee History
See a complete list of all transactions made.

Scheduled Renewals
Renewals are scheduled to open and close based on your renewal period. Grace periods can be applied via a license status — accessed through the system — with a link to a printable receipt.

Establish, manage and terminate relationships as a supervisee or board-approved supervisor straight from your dashboard!

Receive automated alert messages to your dashboard based on specified parameters. Board staff can also send dashboard alerts manually.  

Dual (or more) Licensing
Our data structure and user interface accommodates multi-license users and processes.

Our online application and renewal forms allow licensees and applicants to move through the necessary requirements as smoothly as possible. Their customized dashboard is a feature-rich environment that assists in keeping data up-to-date throughout the year. Progress milestones and alerts allow for optimized communication.

The board member dashboard is built as an extension of the licensee dashboard, allowing the board to easily fulfill their duties through a single login and interface. The board member features are primarily powered by assignments from board staff to ensure they only see items that demand their attention.

Board Members

Complaint Management
Board staff can easily review and communicate and upload supporting documentation for complaints that have been assigned to them by board staff. 

Application Review
Investigate applicants with your committee, assigned by board staff for review. Hold an internal dialogue and upload additional documentation. 

Access a complete index of historical and upcoming meetings. Access supporting documents.

Board Resource Files
Utilize a filterable index of board-specific files maintained by your staff. 

License Dashboard Access
Do all the above and access your licensee dashboard all from the same interface!

General Public

Licensee Search
An advanced search and filtration tool to gain access to the database’s complete list of licensees, including their consent orders. 

Complaint Forms
A fully-integrated complaint form allows the public to submit complaints against a licensee, anonymously if desired, and upload supporting documentation.

Mailing Lists
Vendors and other interested parties may purchase mailing list data from your system, controlled via user consent. 

Verifications of Licensure
Licensees, the public and other governmental entities may request a verification from your system. Delivery can be handled manually or automatically. 

Our system comes complete with public-facing pages which allow users to search for licensees by name, city, license type or license number. From there, users may filter by disciplinary action if preferred.